Character encoding & the copyright symbol

Robert Dailey rcdailey at
Thu Aug 6 18:41:07 CEST 2009

On Aug 6, 11:31 am, "Richard Brodie" <R.Bro... at> wrote:
> "Robert Dailey" <rcdai... at> wrote in message
> news:29ab0981-b95d-4435-91bd-a7a520419ada at
> > UnicodeEncodeError: 'charmap' codec can't encode character '\xa9' in
> > position 1650: character maps to <undefined>
> > The file is defined as ASCII.
> That's the problem: ASCII is a seven bit code. What you have is
> actually ISO-8859-1 (or possibly Windows-1252).
> The different ISO-8859-n variants assign various characters to
> to '\xa9'. Rather than being Western-European centric and assuming
> ISO-8859-1 by default, Python throws an error when you stray
> outside of strict ASCII.

Thanks for the help guys. Sorry I left out code, I wasn't sure at the
time if it would be helpful. Below is my code:

def GetFileContentsAsString( file ):
   f = open( file, mode='r', encoding='cp1252' )
   contents =
   return contents

def ReplaceVersion( file, version, regExps ):
   #match = regExps[0].search( 'FILEVERSION 1,45332,2100,32,' )
   #print( )
   text = GetFileContentsAsString( file )
   print( text )

As you can see, I am trying to load the file with encoding 'cp1252'
which, according to the python 3.1 docs, translates to windows-1252. I
also tried 'latin_1', which translates to ISO-8859-1, but this did not
work either. Am I doing something else wrong?

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