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> I'm pretty new to Python, and I like a lot overall, but I find the
> documentation for Python rather poor, overall.
> I'm sure that Python experts don't have this problem:


welcome to Python! i'm sorry that you find the documentation lacking.
the one thing about the docs is that they're just pointers to get you
started and aren't very comprehensive. there are plenty of good online
tutorials out there as well as books. in fact, one of my main
motivations for writing "Core Python Programming" was because when i
learned Python 13 years ago, the online docs were enough to get me
started but did not have enough info to help me become an intermediate
Python programmer. there were only *2*(!) Python books out there, and
they were special-topic oriented, not ones to learn the language from.
it took almost a year and a half to write, but from what i hear from
readers and what has been said in reviews, it's pretty comprehensive,
and is a good book to learn Python from. i only wish that *i* had it
when i was learning!

Most "Python experts" do not have the entire language memorized, so
everyone has to look at the docs from time-to-time, not just
beginners. i'll either hit up
or flip open my Nutshell or PER references, and finally, i'll google
if i have to (rare). the Python docs are the language manuals and not
necessarily full reference texts, so you have to just take them for
what they are.

hope this helps!
-- wesley
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