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Fri Aug 7 06:21:23 CEST 2009

En Fri, 07 Aug 2009 00:21:34 -0300, Sarmad George <sgeorge at>  

> Good day all
> I am new to the Python list


> My question is here not Python as much as it is in servers
> I have a code to send an email through my SMTP server - comcast Boston
> fromaddrs = "******"
> toaddrs = "sgeorge at"
> msg = "Hello World"
> server = smtplib.SMTP ('', '25') #COMCAST BOSTON
> server.set_debuglevel(1)
> try:
>     server.sendmail(fromaddrs, toaddrs, msg)
> finally:
>     server.quit()
> Which basically sends a hello world message
> Debugging gives me an indication of acceptance as seen below (and I as  
> googled
> it)
> I tried the same from the University server, and I got the same results  
> almost!
> However, no emails in my Inbox when I log in - PLS can you explain the  
> trouble?
> Is it a firewall blocker?

It's probably a spam filter in action: you claim to be someone at Yahoo  
but you're not using a Yahoo server to send mail. Try using the Yahoo smtp  
mail servers to deliver your message, or use your ISP address as the  
sender if you use their SMTP. In any case, you should log in first with  
the adequate username+password.

Gabriel Genellina

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