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>>>>> sumit <sumit.jha50 at> (s) wrote:

>s> i want 2 hav the header files for regular expression to non
>s> deterministin autometa
>s> so whr should i find it?plz help

What header files? C? You can find lots of header files by googling. But
the header files contain only the interface, not the implementation. And
conversion from regular expression to non-deterministic automaton is an
implementation matter, so the header file will not help you there. You
will need the C or C++ file.

And then, do you want Python's implementation or any implementation.
Please be specific when you ask something.

Start by googling for regex.h for general software.
Python header file is in and the
implementation in
but I don't think it goes non deterministic. For that you can better
look into the general 'grep'-like software. For example start here: 
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