PEP 8 exegetics: conditional imports?

Albert Hopkins marduk at
Fri Aug 7 20:35:52 CEST 2009

On Fri, 2009-08-07 at 16:50 +0000, kj wrote:
> Conditional imports make sense to me, as in the following example:
> def foobar(filename):
>     if os.path.splitext(filename)[1] == '.gz':
>         import gzip
>         f =
>     else:
>         f = file(filename)
>     # etc.

I should add that in your example I would probably still put the import
at the top, e.g.:

import gzip

def foobar(filename):
    if os.path.splitext(filename)[1] == '.gz':
        f =
        f = open(filename)

Reason being is that if later on I decide I want to write another
function inside my module that does the same thing I don't have to do
the same conditional import.

Even better, if this is something you find yourself doing often you can
create your own "smart" open and put it in a library:

# file anyfile

import __builtin__
import gzip

def open(filename, ...):
    if filename.endswith('.gz'):
        f =, ...)
        f =, ...)

    return f


>>> import anyfile
>>> f =, ...)


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