Python docs disappointing - group effort to hire writers?

r rt8396 at
Sat Aug 8 02:33:09 CEST 2009

On Aug 7, 3:35 pm, Kee Nethery <k... at> wrote:

that was an eloquent and enlighting post and i think it speaks volumes
to the lack of inclusion of all Pythoneers in this community. Not to
mention the viscous attitudes and self indulgence we have around here.

For those of you with ADD, Kee was speaking to the hurdles one must
overcome to change even the most minor things within this community.
Change around here almost parallels an act-of-congress with it's de-
motivating burdens that beset a new python user who may wish to add
his or her 2 pennies to the Python wishing well. And i believe like
Kee, most of them just give up and say
   """Oh Well, F### it!"""

Not to mention the never ending droves of naysayers, bullies, smart-
arses, and egomaniacs with their minions and sock-puppets ready at
moments notice to pounce on (and utterly destroy) any feeble noob who
dares to try and enhance the user experience in Python for all of us.

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