Python docs disappointing - group effort to hire writers?

Carl Banks pavlovevidence at
Sat Aug 8 06:46:51 CEST 2009

On Aug 7, 9:25 pm, Steven D'Aprano <st... at REMOVE-THIS-> wrote:
> If you want an open-access documentation system go right ahead and build
> one. There are plenty of wikis available to use, and the Python docs are
> freely available as your starting point. I might even contribute myself.
> I just don't want it mixed in with the official docs: I want a clear
> separation between what's officially sanctioned and what's not.

The PyGame documentation has a "Click to view comments" box.  That
would be A. low profile, and B. distinct from official documentation
enough for me.

It'd probably be useful, but might also attract spam and lots of
useless fluff, because it's likely to be much higher volume than
documentation on other projects.

Carl Banks

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