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On Aug 9, 3:26 pm, Lee Harr <miss... at> wrote:
> pybotwar is a fun and educational game where players
> create computer programs to control simulated robots
> to compete in a battle arena.

Why is the doc folder empty?

Shouldn't you supply some hint on how the games works
and at least a rudimentary guide to robot design?

What version to you expect that will be in? 1.0? 10.0?

Could you inform us when you have something worth looking
at and not before so we don't have to waste our time?

> pybotwar uses pybox2d for the physical simulation,
> and uses pygame and pygsear for the visualization.
> pybotwar is released under GPLv3.
> Changes in pybotwar-0.5:
>     - added tournament mode
>     - added explosive shells
>     - robots are now damaged by colliding with walls or other robots
>     - added damage sensor
>     - added gyro sensor
>     - added configurable cannon reload time
>     - added robot statistics database
>     - added time limit for robot startup/ initialization
>     - health bar changes color below 30% health
>     - fixed force/ torque possibly going over 100%
>     - fixed problem with non-integer force/ torque values
>     - each robot gets its own log file in test mode
>     - send robot errors to log file
>     - use optparse for cmd line options
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