resume upload wsgi script

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Mon Aug 10 10:39:19 CEST 2009

> 250KB :)

So why do you bother?

> Its just HTTP1.1 has everything for making ftp like file transfers
> possible.
> When I write it to a file then I am back at square one because I still
> need to load it completely to get it into a blob.

Well, the blob is nothing but datat in the file-system. If you are 
*really* concerned about that, then don't use the db, but use the 
filesystem, appending to the file until it's finished - and storing a 
reference to it to the DB. We do that as well, because otherwise the db 
will become unmanagable anyway (dumping, backups).

> So there is no way to concatenate BLOB's without loading it completely
> into memory ?

In theory, the DB might offer special stream-based methods for these 
kinds of tasks, but the db-api lacks them. Some DB-adapters might offer 
some non-standard-extensions, but I don't think sqlite does.


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