Social problems of Python doc [was Re: Python docs disappointing]

r rt8396 at
Mon Aug 10 17:13:05 CEST 2009

On Aug 9, 11:02 pm, David Lyon <david.l... at> wrote:
> Since you're talking about documentation, which is a part of python,
> don't you think you should be discussing it on python-dev ?

Yea, them's be a friendly bunch to noob ideas ;). Hey i got a better
idea, lets go to the IRS and see if we can persuade them to stop
taxing us...

> That's where discussions about the documentation should be held.
> haha - I'm just curious to see how long it will for them to
> shut the discussion down.

Yea, probably not long at all, of course not before the troll calling,
bulling, defamation of character, etc, has lost it's fun.

> Before you do that, you should clearly work out in your own mind
> how you think things need to improve. It's not good enough just
> saying this or that is bad without having specific ideas on what
> needs to change.

see links that xah posted, and there is more he did not post.

> Good luck fellow sinner and blasphemer...
> How dare you suggest that things could be improved...

how dare YOU suggest they NOT be improved!!!

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