Client/Server based on SocketServer and Windows

Dave Angel davea at
Mon Aug 10 18:03:19 CEST 2009

Kiki wrote:
> Thank you Dennis
> I'm using 2 differents editor, which may be the cause of such a mess
> in the indentation.
> I must admitt that I lazily rely on those (not so bad indeed) editors.
> "If indentation whas bad they would have tell me"
> Too bad am i
> Won't post misindeted code anymore.
No problem using multiple editors.  But you need to configure each one 
to *never* put tabs in the file (it should use spaces exclusively).  If 
you can't do that in one of the editors, then use the other editor 

Other useful but not mandatory features -
    - when tab is pressed, it should indent using spaces, to a multiple 
of 4 columns.
    - by default, indent a new line the same as the previous, or even 
based on the previous plus some syntax rules.
    - make tabs and/or spaces visible, so you can tell if the file has a 


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