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Tue Aug 11 00:12:43 CEST 2009

There was a new release of fastPATX today. However the code and the program
itself will not be available to the public untill Tuesday the 11th. This is
due to me not having the proper tools I need to publish it (I am not at my
"main comp."). This is a bit of an over statement it will probably be
published near midnight Florida time. There are many different places you
can get fastPATX. I will cover them below:

More places may be out there (mirrors) but I do not know, they are NOT
official but I do 100% support them, and encourage many to mirror fastPATX.

fastPATX official wiki -

JJTComputing have given a great review of fastPATX and it has been linked to
on many site (Tuxmachines). I strongly wish that if you use fastPATX to blog
or tweet (include an @h_erd ???) about, even if you did not like it! Also if
you do like it please follow the project on >>

If you have any questions or suggestions please email me.
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