Python configuration question when python scripts are executed using Appweb as web server.

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Tue Aug 11 04:15:03 CEST 2009

En Mon, 10 Aug 2009 11:48:31 -0300, IronyOfLife <mydevforums at>

>> Why different results in IIS and appweb? [...]
> This is fairly easy to explain. When I configured IIS to execute
> python scripts, as per the documentation I pass two command line
> arguments. Appweb works this way. It opens up a new command process
> and in the function parameter for environment it sets only SYSTEMROOT.
> It does not set the PATH variable (A BUG IN APPWEB which I have passed
> on to them. They have not commented or provided any work around) for
> Windows platform.

Perhaps you could configure appweb to call a .bat file like this, instead
of directly invoking python?

set path=%path%;other;directories;added
c:\path\to\python.exe %*

(this is slightly off topic now...)

> You were mentioning about .local file or manifest file to specify the
> path. I used the python's build command to build the wrapper. Is there
> a way to mention in to generate the .manifest file? I wold
> very much appreciate if you can help me with that.
> I will also look for answers for how to modify to generate
> manifest file or .local file etc..

The last part is easy: foo.exe.local is just an empty file in the same
directory as foo.exe - when it exists, DLLs are searched first on the
directory containing the application [1]

With manifest files I can't help. I suggest you create a new thread with
that question, perhaps in the distutils-SIG mailing list [2]


Gabriel Genellina

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