Python docs disappointing - group effort to hire writers?

rurpy at rurpy at
Wed Aug 12 02:46:39 CEST 2009

On Aug 11, 2:46 pm, Mark Lawrence <breamore... at> wrote:
> r wrote:
> > Ah Ha! the docs are broken and i was right all along! Are the good
> > folks at Python dev rolling a new installer as we speak, or we must
> > wait for new version?
> As I pointed out a few minutes ago thicko, the new version has been
> available for months.

Now hold on here...

I too was bitten by this.  I thought the chm docs were so unusable
that I went to the issue tracker, extremely annoyed, to submit a
rather caustic bug report.  Only after looking through the doc bugs
did I find that it was already recognised, that a corrected chm
file was available, and that there were no plans to do any more
than that.  (This is from memory since the python tracker is down).

On the main download page is a link to the 2.6.2 msi file with not
a word about the help file.  Only if you follow the "python-2.6.2"
link to a second page, is there a link to the corrected help file,
and even that says only, "Updated Windows help file" with no
indication that it is supposed to replace a broken one in the

If "r" is a "thicko", I'd say the handling of this issue was done
by some who are considerably thicker.

It may also be yet another example of how documentation (using
the word loosely) is produced without sufficient attention to its
usefulness to its intended audience.

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