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Dave Angel <davea at> writes:

> But I wanted to comment on the (c) remark.  If you're in the US,
> that's the wrong abbreviation for copyright.  The only recognized
> abbreviation is (copr).

More reading on this:


In brief: To be a legally-recognised copyright notice under US law, it
must begin with “Copyright”, or one of the abbreviations “Copr.” or the
exact symbol “©”. As you rightly point out, neither “(c)” nor “(C)” have
any legal status as a copyright marker.

The Berne Convention, by making copyright active on *every* creative
work of expression, even in the total *absence* of a copyright notice,
essentially undermines the force of this and makes it exceedingly
difficult to divest a work of copyright. But that's a whole 'nother
depressing mess.

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