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> ok so I know this is one of those "weird" requests but here me out.
> So far I have an issue with a package for python called "libgmail" which is
> basically a gmail interface for python to send messages remoetly.
> Works ok except that the 'sendMessage' routine is bad.
> This is included in the above attachment
> it's used in a program called "ogss" which is an sms interface to gmail to
> basically read gmail and then have a command done on a remote machine and
> then spat out on the local machine to a log file that's opened and then
> emailed back
> problem is that the sending back routine fails.
> Now I've found a program that will more or less do what is requied but it's
> not really exactly what would be used in that it doesn't use the libgmail
> routine.
> So far the maintainer of both packages seem to be afk or not having their
> routines fixed and so far debian/Unbuntu claim that the last version of the
> package has been fixed :(
> Is there a recommendatin of how to combine/alter so that ogss can transmit?
> My main issue is that python is lesser known to me than Chinese (which I
> also don't know).
> My idea of this is to have a remote email timeclock program which could
> then be scripted with any language or just "echo >>blah" if necessary.
> Thanks in advance :)
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