Frustrated with scopes

andrew cooke andrew at
Wed Aug 12 15:47:38 CEST 2009

On Aug 12, 8:52 am, Dave Angel <da... at> wrote:
> Supply us with just enough source code to actually try it, give the full
> error message including traceback, and tell us what you expected to
> see.  Also tell us Python version   (sys.version)
> So far you've done none of these.  When I try the following, I get no
> errors, using Python 2.6.2
> class _StreamFactory(object):
>     @staticmethod
>     def __call__(lines, source, join=''.join):
>         class Line(object):
>             __source = source
>             __join = join
>         return Line()
> fact = _StreamFactory()
> obj = fact(43, "name.txt")
> print obj

Ah!  OK, thanks for that.  I need to look at this again.  I'll post
again if necessary, but if it works for you then I clearly don't
understand what the issue is myself.


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