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Simon Forman sajmikins at
Wed Aug 12 17:11:43 CEST 2009

On Aug 12, 10:41 am, Robert Dailey <rcdai... at> wrote:
> On Aug 12, 9:09 am, exar... at wrote:
> > On 01:27 pm, jeanmic... at wrote:
> > >Simon Brunning wrote:
> > >>2009/8/11 Robert Dailey <rcdai... at>:
> > >>>On Aug 11, 3:40 pm, Bearophile <bearophileH... at> wrote:
> > >>>>There are gals too here.
> > >>>It's a figure of speech. And besides, why would I want programming
> > >>>advice from a woman? lol. Thanks for the help.
> > >>Give the attitudes still prevalent in our industry (cf
> > >><> and many more), I'm sorry to say that I
> > >>don't think this is funny.
> > >Having someone present technical informations with porn content cannot
> > >be qualified as "prevalent in our industry". I would even dare to say
> > >this is the opposite, it is almost unique.
> > >I would also add that Robert was very far from this attitude, I
> > >consider his joke as a friendly tickle, not a male chauvinist
> > >aggression. I'm no women, but I'm sure they are as capable as me, not
> > >to say more, of making the distinction.
> > >It has been said this list is not very friendly to newbies, let's not
> > >make it hostile to gentle jokes (even those not funny) when thanking
> > >helpers.
> > It's lots of little things like this which combine to create an
> > environment which is less friendly towards women than it is towards
> > others.  You might read it as a joke, others might not.  Even if it is a
> > joke, it's in poor taste and doesn't really belong on python-list.
> > There's a difference between pointing out inappropriate behavior and
> > being unfriendly.  Hopefully Robert got help with his problem.  That's
> > what the list is here for.  Having accomplished that, it is not
> > unfriendly to ask him not to make disparaging comments, "jokes" or
> > otherwise, about groups of people.
> > Jean-Paul
> Hey everyone,
> I was actually joking about my remark, I was making fun of the fact
> that Bearophile took my figure of speech literally. I have worked with
> a lot of women in the past and they even use "guys" to refer to
> everyone in a room (When there were obviously other females in that
> room as well).
> On a more serious note, I do apologize to those offended by my remark.
> I realize that these things can be a touchy subject for some people. I
> expected more of a laid-back attitude from everyone. No need to be so
> serious all the time. I cannot completely doubt that there are logical
> women out there. I just haven't seen one yet. But that doesn't mean
> I'm a sexist.

Oh my.  And you were doing so well.  You haven't seen a logical
woman?  Perhaps you're blind because your eyes were torn out by a
raging marmoset?

Guess what?  Thinking (or just saying) that /does/ mean you're a
sexist.  (Even if it was just another "friendly, harmless joke".)

> With my apology presented, I would like to propose that we end the
> discussion here. As I said, this is a very sensitive subject and this
> thread could spin way out of control if we don't just ignore the
> issue. For those that took it as a friendly, harmless joke, hopefully
> you had a laugh. For those that took it seriously or as an offense,
> please take my apology to heart. Thanks once again to everyone for
> your help. I've long been a member of this community and I really
> appreciate the continuous support I've been receiving!
> Take care everyone!

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