best practice for documenting a project? pydoc?

Jean-Michel Pichavant jeanmichel at
Thu Aug 13 08:36:59 CEST 2009

Esmail wrote:
> shaileshkumar wrote:
>> Hello,
>> EPYDOC is very good for automatic generation of documentation from
>> source code.
>> You may also consider Sphinx which is used
>> for many
>> projects including the official Python documentation, documentation of
>> Zope (
>> See the full list of projects using Sphinx at 
>> - Shailesh
> Hi,
> Thanks for the links. Have you heard of something called HappyDoc? I just
> came across it by looking for info on epydoc.
> Thanks,
> Esmail
I've never used Happydoc. I am using Epydoc, which is very efficient. 
Sphinx is very good as well, but its scope is much larger than 
documenting python code and will not provide  the "click and run"  
effect of epydoc,  for which you don't have to write any additional 
documentation. Epydoc supports restructured text, so you'll be able to 
switch to Sphinx later on without additional work.
But if I remember well, your documentation is for personal use, so I 
guess you'll stick with epydoc.


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