best practice for documenting a project? pydoc?

Esmail ebonak at
Thu Aug 13 14:29:48 CEST 2009

Hello Jean-Michel,

Thanks for your post. Based on it, and the ones received so
far I will give epydoc a closer look. I don't need something
superfancy (at least at the moment), just something that helps
me document my code more in an organized way and helps me
sift through the various classes/methods more easily once I
come back to the project after some lengthy interruptions.



Jean-Michel Pichavant wrote:
> I've never used Happydoc. I am using Epydoc, which is very efficient. 
> Sphinx is very good as well, but its scope is much larger than 
> documenting python code and will not provide  the "click and run"  
> effect of epydoc,  for which you don't have to write any additional 
> documentation. Epydoc supports restructured text, so you'll be able to 
> switch to Sphinx later on without additional work.
> But if I remember well, your documentation is for personal use, so I 
> guess you'll stick with epydoc.

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