Help newbie with how to call a source command

Joni Lee webcokies at
Thu Aug 13 19:52:46 CEST 2009

Hi all,
I'm landing here because I need some help that I couldn't get through it.
Question 1. 
I want to call a source command from python script. It will source some variables enviroment for further commands. I tried the following which did not work
os.sys('source '+source_text)
call(['source',source_text], shell=True)
commands.getoutput('source '+source_text)
Anyone have experiences with this? Because I'm very new to this world so a details reply is really appreciated!!! thank you very much
Question 2.
I call a shell command from python, this time it runs a script which runs some ruby scripts. And the error returns: "ruby: command not found"
Thank you again

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