need help calculating point between two coordinates.

PeteDK petermoeller at
Thu Aug 13 23:26:54 CEST 2009

Hi there

I'am working on a route comparison tool for carpools.

The route comparison is based on 'steps' retrieved from google maps
GDirection. These steps vary in length and i use the coordinates at
the beginning of each "step". However, sometimes the distance of these
steps is too long(ex. driving 30-40 km. on the freeway). Therefore i
would like to calculate/find the coordinate located in between two
given coordinates.
Lets say one step starts at:
and ends at:

I would then like to calculate the point right in the middle of these

I use the haversine form to calculate the distance between
coordinates, but im not sure whether or not this can be used for the
same purpose. ...

I apologize if this thread has been posted the wrong place:)

any help is greatly appreciated!

kind regards.


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