Why does my ftp script quit after couple of hours?

kk maymunbeyin at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 18:03:27 CEST 2009

This way the first time I did something with ftp stuff. I think that
generally it works but it stops working(quits or disappears) after
couple of hours of running.

This was a personal test-trial script for my own needs which was to
get my dynamic ip and broadcast to a client(I have a client script on
another computer). I sure could use something like DynDns for the same
purpose with easier management but I just wanted to give it a try to
see if i could even make it work .

Basically this script parses my ip from DynDns ip check page and
uploads it to the given ftp site. It works fine initially, it does
upload, it updates the Ip every hour but the problem is that after
couple of hours the Python console window disappears, I assume it
crashes.  I know it does upload at least couple times(works for couple
hours). it might be something to do with ftp connection. I will
investigate that but I just wanted to see if I have any logic or some
kind of contextual problem in the script.

Here is the link to Pastie page


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