Is it possible to use python to get True Full Duplex on a Serial port?

Hendrik van Rooyen hendrik at
Sat Aug 15 10:09:02 CEST 2009

On Friday 14 August 2009 16:03:22 Diez B. Roggisch wrote:

> You should *really* just use pyserial. No hassle, instant satisfaction.

:-)  I have downloaded and had a quick look, and I see it is based on the 
standard library's serial.Serial class - another battery that I have not used 
before.  And I see that serial.Serial looks like it uses os. calls, which is 
one of the things Greg mentioned.  Curioser and Curioser.

There was one thing I saw in a quick read of pyserial  that I did not like as 
I cannot understand why it is done - if a timeout  is set to less than a 
tenth of a second, then it is changed to be a tenth.  - In a polling protocol 
that will limit you to poll only ten terminals a second, or less, and is a 
very long time if a message takes only a couple of millis to send.

I am getting there - this time around I want to kill this problem dead because 
I seem to keep doing something wrong somewhere and I want to understand what 
it is and stop doing it.

- Hendrik

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