Python docs disappointing - group effort to hire writers?

Carl Banks pavlovevidence at
Sat Aug 15 10:41:53 CEST 2009

On Aug 14, 10:15 pm, Bill Jones <oracleb... at> wrote:
> On Aug 8, 3:27 pm, Mark Lawrence <breamore... at> wrote:
> > My gut feeling (which could of course be wrong) is that many hard core
> > Pythonistas are cheesed off with newbies who refuse to help themselves.
> The funny thing is that their response is to shutdown changes that are
> intended
> to *help* newbies help themselves. It seems self-defeating to me.

Intended to help newbies doesn't necessarily mean it actually will
help newbies.

(Just sayin'.)

Carl Banks

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