Python or ActionScript 3.0

Douglas Alan darkwater42 at
Sun Aug 16 03:29:13 CEST 2009

On Aug 15, 5:32 pm, Jaseem <jas... at> wrote:

> Is python similar to actionscript 3.0

For some very rough sense of "similar" it might be, but not really.

> Which is better to create a rich gui internet application?
> Is it AS 3.0 with flex or python with its GUI libs?

Python doesn't run in your typical web browser, but it is common to
use Python for doing the server-side programming, along with a Python-
based web development framework, such as Django.

You could use Jython to make a JVM applet that would run in a browser,
but JVM applets aren't very popular for a variety of reasons, and I
doubt the performance would be very good.

> Is python in demand?

Yes, it's a popular language.

> Heard that python is similar to lisp.

Kind of. Not any more so that JavaScript is, though, for instance.

> But both python and AS 3.0 is almost identical.

No, Python and ActionScript are not "almost identical".

> Which is more similar to lisp are powerful?

They both have their similarities and differences from Lisp. I think
it would be impossible to say which one is more similar to Lisp. In
general, Python is in my opinion more pleasant to program in than
ActionScript, but Python is not generally used for client-side browser

I think the future of client-side browser programming is actually
JavaScript, not ActionScript, though that future may morph into one
that mostly uses JavaScript as a virtual machine. This is the approach
that Google Web Toolkit takes. It lets you write your client-side code
in Java, and that is then compiled into JavaScript.


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