python doc available in emacs info format?

Colin S. Miller no-spam-thank-you at
Mon Aug 17 13:32:39 CEST 2009

Xah Lee wrote:
> btw, is there still info format for python doc?
> i feel kinda sad that emacs info format has pretty much been
> deprecated over the past decade. About a decade ago, you still will
> see now and then people asking for emacs info format of docs (was the
> days of perl). Today, one don't hear of it.
> Part of this is due to emacs cult problem. See:


Please do not slag off a project if you want people to help;
it tends to put the goat up.

It is not "Emacs Info" format, it is FSF Info format.
There is a stand-alone program to read the Info documentation.
The program is called "info".

Ubuntu maintains a package search site, it is on

However, there seems to be no files named
python.*info   (regexp)

There is a
python-docutils package
which does contain information in several
other formats.

This package can be found either via the above site
or using "apt-cache search python-doc".

As "info" is a FSF format, all FSF produced programs
will provide documentation in this format. However Python
is not under the auspices of the FSF, so does not need to use
this format.

HTML versions of INFO documentation can be generated by
info2html or info_to_html on them, or texi2html on the source.

Have a nice day,
Colin S. Miller

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