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On 2009-08-11, Bearophile <bearophileHUGS at> wrote:
> Robert Dailey:
>> This breaks the flow of scope. Would you guys solve this
>> problem by moving failMsg into global scope? Perhaps through
>> some other type of syntax?
> There are gals too here.

Straying a bit OT, but I find this particular issue rather

At least in the US, "guys" is now pretty much gender-neutral
according to my casual research (mostly just paying attention
to informal speach).

Oddly, it still seems to be masculine when singular. Though one
commonly hears a group of females addressed as "you guys" or
refered to as "those guys", one never hears a single female
referred to as "a guy" or "that guy".

It is a bit tricky, however, since a phrase like "a group of
guys" still seems to refer to just males since the word "guys"
in that case is being applied individually to a plurality of
persons rather being applied collectivelly to a single group --
if that makes any sense.

I've actually discussed this with a a number of female friends,
and they almost all thought the term "gals" was condescending
and actually preferred to be referred to collectively as

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