Embedding a python console inside a python application

Zorigaman zorigaman at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 20:46:21 CEST 2009


I am starting an application in which I would like to have some
scripting functionality. It will obviously be done in Python. The
thing is that I would like my scripts to have access to the rest of
the application as an object it could manipulate.
I made some research and I found the code module, which allows to have
a Python interpreter inside an application, but I am not sure if I can
access to the "parent" which created this interpreter. A solution
could be to launch my application through an interpreter, but the
problem there is how to integrate it back into the GUI, redirecting
streams ?
Another option is the cmd module, but here, same problem, I am not
sure if can have access to my application's objects.
I am using PyQt with Python 2.6.1, I could switch to Python 3.0 if
I am familiar with programming, but that's my first script-enabled
application, tell me if I am missing something obvious.


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