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Tue Aug 18 02:19:59 CEST 2009

On Aug 17, 2:26 pm, axl456 <fidellir... at> wrote:
> On Aug 17, 1:59 am, "L at D@n" <ranjithpmat... at> wrote:
> > Which is the best GUI interface builder with drag and drop
> > capabilities.
> > I am using Ubuntu GNU/Linux.
> > Please help me.
> > Thank you.
> boa is really nice..

Boa (Boa Constructor) is really nice for wxPython GUI
work, but it has some bugs when using Linux that might
be dealbreakers for the user.  At least I have had
problems on Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit (but none or very few
with WinXP).

For those that might care, they are (as of now, Boa
0.6.1-4) are:

- The File -> New option is cut off in the menu.  But
that can be gotten around by using the Palette to choose
the same options.

- No gridlines in the Frame Designer (makes it harder
  to use)

- Some problems with the height of the rows in the
  Inspector, at least with 64 bit Ubuntu, some of which
  can be fixed with this workaround:
  and there is a note there saying it has been patched
  in a 0.6.1-6 version in a Debian repository.  Haven't tried.

- I have had some random shutdowns, but not many.


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