ANN: PySide has been released

Lauro Moura lauromoura at
Tue Aug 18 16:06:47 CEST 2009


The PySide team is pleased to announce the first public release of
PySide: Python for Qt!

PySide, its documentation, and developer resources are available at the
project website, .

What is it?

PySide is a project providing an LGPL'd set of Python bindings for the
Qt framework.

PySide already provides a full set of Qt bindings as well as automated
binding generation tools. Since the whole toolset has been made
available, the team expects PySide to be valuable not only to Qt
software developers, but to people willing to create Python bindings to
any Qt-based library, or to any C++ library in general. Although based
on a different technical approach, PySide will initially be
API-compatible with existing Python bindings for Qt.

PySide is still a work in progress, and some work is still required to
stabilize the codebase. This being said, the team believes it is already
in a usable state, especially if an occasional rough edge and unpainted
surface can be tolerated. Due to practical reasons, the initial
development efforts have been focused on Linux, but the team hopes
people to join in porting the code to other platforms and to further
develop the bindings and tools.

PySide team

Lauro Moura ("lmoura" on Freenode)

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