Read C++ enum in python

Ludo olivier.anospamrnospamnnospamanospamenospamz at
Wed Aug 19 01:03:30 CEST 2009


I work in a very large project where we have C++ packages and pieces of 
python code.

I've been googleing for days but what I find seems really too 
complicated for what I want to do.

My business is, in python, to read enum definitions provided by the 
header file of an c++ package.
Of course I could open the .h file, read the enum and transcode it by 
hand into a .py file but the package is regularly updated and thus is 
the enum.

My question is then simple : do we have :
	- either a simple way in python to read the .h file, retrieve the c++ 
enum and provide an access to it in my python script
	- either a simple tool (in a long-term it would be automatically run 
when the c++ package is compiled) generating from the .h file a .py file 
containing the python definition of the enums ?

Thank you for any suggestion.

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