Need cleanup advice for multiline string

Carl Banks pavlovevidence at
Wed Aug 19 06:14:05 CEST 2009

On Aug 18, 8:49 pm, Ben Finney <ben+pyt... at> wrote:
> Grant Edwards <gra... at> writes:
> > On 2009-08-19, Ben Finney <ben+pyt... at> wrote:
> > > Simon Forman <sajmik... at> writes:
> > >> We are one family.
> > > Agreed.
> > That's not much comfort if you've seen the way many families get along
> > with each other.
> Demonstrable facts, by nature of being independently verifiable, are a
> better point of unification than comforting illusions, however
> confidently asserted.

You know, if you're going to escalate a budding flame war the least
you could do is to choose to do it some other way than by following up
to an obvious joke, probably one designed to diffuse the ill-feeling.

Carl Banks

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