NOOB: Developing using python on two different computers

Jonathan Gardner jgardner at
Wed Aug 19 22:10:17 CEST 2009

On Aug 19, 6:50 am, Smeagol <mczwhin... at> wrote:
> Hi there,
> Occasionally I have to develop on two different computers, and I was
> wondering if there was a way to copy the python "environment" from one
> to the other?
> Access to the data is trivial (networked database) but various
> packages etc exist on one computer, and I want to ensure I have
> everything package-wise on the other.
> Both are "windows" machines (native windows box and a Macbook with
> VMWare running XP)...
> Is it as simple as copying the Python directory, or is there a script
> I can run that will tell me what packages are installed on the native
> windows box and then I can use easy_install to update the VM partition
> on the Macbook?

Simple copy won't do it.

Check out virtualenv (
Reinstalling each env from scratch is usually the best bet. List your
dependencies in your packages and all you have to do is easy_install
your packages.

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