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> I was hoping that python would have a library to help me print my own bar
> codes? We will need labels in all sizes and most label printer just work
> with 1 or 2 sizes. I would like to just print a grid of different sizes on
> standard paper. Does python have a bar code printing library?
> On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 4:55 PM, Tim Chase <python.list at>wrote:
>>  My company needs a small inventory management app. Does
>>>> python have any libraries to help with reading and writing
>>>> bar codes?
>>> I've written bar code apps and python really doesn't enter
>>> into that part of things.  Printers generally have bar code
>>> printing capabilities so you just send the right escape
>>> sequences and you get the bar codes. To read them, bar code
>>> readers scan and translate before sending the values through
>>> typically a keyboard wedge or serial port.
>> To add to what Emile mentions, most barcode readers present a
>> keyboard-wedge interface, so that scanning a barcode merely appears as if
>> you typed it at the keyboard (USB readers show up as a HID profile).  Often
>> they'll have configuration barcodes that you can scan to tweak the profile
>> (such as pressing <enter>, <tab> or an arrow-key after sending the barcode;
>> controlling beep tone & volume, etc).
>> For printing barcodes, you can use any number of solutions -- the most
>> popular usually just involves installing a "barcode font" and then rendering
>> text in that font to your desired output canvas.  I believe there are some
>> native rendering solutions as well, but I've not investigated since the font
>> method was more than sufficient for my wants.
>> -tkc
>> --
> I found this library, but no documentation( Has anyone used
this or know of a similar library with better documentation?
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