ANN: discover 0.3.0 released, automatic test discovery for unittest

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Thu Aug 20 21:55:47 CEST 2009

The discover module is a backport of the automatic test discovery from
the unittest module in Python-trunk (what will become Python 2.7 and

The discover module should work on versions of Python 2.4 upwards:

* discover module on PyPI:

The discover module can be used to run all, or a subset, of your
unittest based tests automatically from the command line. See the PyPI
page for details.

Version 0.3.0 has two new features:

* Failing to import a file (e.g. due to a syntax error) no longer
halts discovery but is reported as an error.
* Discovery will not attempt to import test files whose names are not
valid Python identifiers, even if they match the pattern.

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