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Mark Dickinson dickinsm at
Fri Aug 21 19:49:20 CEST 2009

On Aug 21, 12:21 am, Carrie Farberow <farbe... at> wrote:
> I am trying to build a statically-linked Python based on directions at:
> I have tried this on multiple systems.  The first time I attempt to build python, 'make' runs fine but 'make install' fails with the following error:
> Sorry: UnicodeError: ("\\N escapes not supported (can't load unicodedata module)",)
> Any help regarding the source of this error and possible fixes would be appreciated.

Hmm.  There's not a lot of information to go on here.
What version of Python is this? Python 2.6.2?
Have you tried Googling for that exact error message?

The following issue looks as though it might be relevant:

especially since it looks as though the directions you linked
to involve messing with the PYTHONPATH environment variable.

If you could post a log somewhere[*] showing the exact commands
that you executed, along with all the output (and especially
all the output from 'make' and 'make install'), that might help
someone diagnose the problem further.


[*] I'm not sure where, though.  Posting all that output directly
in a newsgroup message might not be considered very friendly.

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