Questions on XML

David Smith dns4 at
Sat Aug 22 04:57:16 CEST 2009

joy99 wrote:
> Dear Group,
> I like to convert some simple strings of natural language to XML. May
> I use Python to do this? If any one can help me, on this.
> I am using primarily UTF-8 based strings, like Hindi or Bengali. Can I
> use Python to help me in this regard?
> How can I learn good XML aspects of Python. If any one can kindly name
> me a book or URL.
> I am using Python2.6 on Windows XP with IDLE as GUI.
> Best Regards,
> Subhabrata.

Take a look at xml.etree.ElementTree package and it's contents.  It's
included in the binary distributions of Python 2.6.  There are lot's of
books out covering XML and UTF-8 is exactly where you want to be w/ XML.


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