flagmino ray.belanger at
Sat Aug 22 10:17:49 CEST 2009

To get familiar with the debugger, I have loaded this program:

import math

def s1(x, y):
   a = (x + y)
   print("Answer from s1"), a

def s2(x, y):
   b = (x - y)
   print("This comes from s2"), b
   #print z
   print("call from s2: "), s1(x, y)

I am trying to debug:
I press shift-F9 and F7. I end up in the interpreter where I enter s2
(1, 2).

>From that point if I press F7, the program restart all over.
If I press Enter, the program gets out of debug mode.

Please help me figuring out how I can use the dbugger. You are welcome
to send a sound file if this is easier for you.



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