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On Aug 22, 7:07 pm, Ned Deily <n... at acm.org> wrote:
> The problem here is that gmail, like most modern mail services, requires
> the use of an encrypted (SSL or TLS) connection for mail relaying so
> that the required user name and password are not sent in the clear.  The
> logging SMTP handler uses the smtplib module from the standard module to
> send mail and, when built properly, smtplib does support TLS.  However,
> the caller of smtplib does need to do some extra work in that case, i.e.
> it needs to call the server object's starttls method at the right point
> in the protocol handshaking. It's currently not done automatically in
> smtplib and, unfortunately, there is no code in the logging smtp handler
> to detect the need for and to call starttls (in response to a
> 250-STARTTLS response to an EHLO).
> To make this work, either the logging module or, perhaps better, the
> smptlib module needs to be smarter about this case.  I didn't see an
> open issue on the Python bug tracker about this; you might want to open
> one.  In the meantime, some options would be to find an SMTP mail host
> that doesn't require TLS.  Or write a custom logger.  Or on OS X it's
> not *too* difficult to set up a local host mailer using the
> Apple-supplied prefix that would accept mail locally and forward it to a
> more sophisticated remote mailer.
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Thanks for the excellent and informative response :-).  I'll
investigate further, as you suggested, now that I understand what is

Bev in TX

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