Is Python what I need?

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> Hi all
> I'm interested in developing computer based, interactive programs for
> students in a special school who have an aversion to pen and paper.

What sort of interactive program? Would it be educational, for example?

> I've searched the net to find ready made software that will meet my
> needs but it is either written to a level much higher than these
> students can cope with or priced beyond our school budget.

Could you give us the details of which software you've encountered that were
either too expensive or did not meet your needs?

> I came across a blog of someone singing the praises of Python. My question
> is
> therefore aimed at those that know what they are talking about (ie
> users in this group). Is Python the language I need to learn to
> develop these programs?

Any language can do the job. What a program does depends on the design, and
specification. Different languages simply have different behaviours, and
perhaps platform dependence and requirements. So, in some way, yes, Python
can do what you need, but you need to tell us in exact details what you were
really looking for.

Good luck,
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