Combining python and perl

Peng Yu pengyu.ut at
Sun Aug 23 14:37:24 CEST 2009


According to, it

"Python and Perl come from a similar background (Unix scripting, which
both have long outgrown), and sport many similar features, but have a
different philosophy. Perl emphasizes support for common application-
oriented tasks, e.g. by having built-in regular expressions, file
scanning and report generating features. Python emphasizes support for
common programming methodologies such as data structure design and
object-oriented programming, and encourages programmers to write
readable (and thus maintainable) code by providing an elegant but not
overly cryptic notation. As a consequence, Python comes close to Perl
but rarely beats it in its original application domain; however Python
has an applicability well beyond Perl's niche."

My question is that how to combine both python and perl to take
advantages of both their strong aspects. Of course, I want to
primarily use python---that is why I send this message to this group.

I see a module 'perlmodule'. But I would like to know whether there
are other tips besides using 'perlmodule' to take perl's advantage in


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