IOError: [Errno 22] invalid mode ('wb') or filename: in windows xp while making tarfile

John Machin sjmachin at
Mon Aug 24 01:04:55 CEST 2009

Erik Max Francis <max <at>> writes:

> Ryniek90 wrote:

> > Is its the '|\U' literal fault in path '|C:\\Users\\Ryniek's 
> > WinSe7en\\MyNewGGBackup(2009-08-23 14:59:02).tar.bz2|' ?

What is "the '|\U' literal fault" ???

> It's probably a misleading error from the OS; I would guess the problem 
> is that the filename contains colons, which I believe is a no-no on Windows.

The colons are the problem. The error message is not from the OS; it is
concocted by Python (see fileobject.c) as what appears to be the best possible
text given  vague error reporting by Windows. I don't understand "probably a
misleading error [message]" -- invalid mode (actual value) or filename ->
invalid something-obviously-not-invalid or filename -> invalid filename

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