Python/Fortran interoperability

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sturlamolden <sturlamolden at> wrote:

> On 23 Aug, 20:42, n... at wrote:
> > That is precisely what I am investigating.  TR 29113 falls a LONG
> > way before it gets to any of the OOP data - indeed, you can't even
> > pass OOP derived types as pure data (without even the functionality)
> > in its model.  Nor most of what else Python would expect.
> I am note sure what you mean. ...
> You thus can pass derived types between C and Fortran.

You missed the word "OOP", which seemed like the whole point. Not that
the particular word is used in the Fortran standard, but it isn't hard
to guess that he means a derived type that uses some of the OOP
features. Inheritance, polymorphism, and type-bound procedure (aka
methods in some other languages) come to mind. Since you say that you
haven't used any of the F2003 OOP features, it isn't too surprising that
you'd miss the allusion.

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