Python/Fortran interoperability

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sturlamolden <sturlamolden at> wrote:

> On 24 Aug, 02:26, nos... at see.signature (Richard Maine) wrote:
> > You missed the word "OOP", which seemed like the whole point. Not that
> > the particular word is used in the Fortran standard, but it isn't hard
> > to guess that he means a derived type that uses some of the OOP
> > features. Inheritance, polymorphism, and type-bound procedure (aka
> > methods in some other languages) come to mind.
> But C is not OOP. The ISO C bindings in Fortran are not ISO C++
> bindings. This is for a reason: C++ does not have a standard ABI like
> ISO C.

That seems irrelevant to the question originally asked, which was

>>> Do you want to use Fortran derived types or Python classes that
>>> contain type-bound procedures (including finalizers)?

Yes, it is no surprise that the C interop stuff fails to address this,
since it isn't in C. Something different/extra would be needed, which is
exactly what Nick said. I'm going to jump out of the middle of this now.
The only reason I jumped in was to point out the gap in communication,
where Nick said that the TR doesn't handle "OOP derived types" and you
replied that it does so do derived types, omitting the OOP part, which
was clearly (to me) Nick's whole point.

However, I don't seem to be facilitating the communication, as the
replies just seem to be wandering farther afield, or maybe it is around
in a circle. I think you just explained that the ISO C bindings in
Fortran don't handle what Nick is asking about... but that somehow this
makes it puzzling that Nick also says that they don't handle it. Well,
I'll leave it to Nick and you, I guess. I'm lost.

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