Is Python what I need?

c chaelon at
Mon Aug 24 07:09:45 CEST 2009

> I'm interested in developing computer based, interactive programs

That is so open-ended it could mean anything.  If you give a much
more specified idea of what you are imagining creating, people could
be helpful.

> for students in a special school who have an aversion to pen and paper.

<academic aside>
Aversion?  Why?  Is it that they have such bad penmanship that
is too frustrating?  I've taught such students in college, and
(but do not know) that what would be good is to get them young and
really put in the remedial time to train their penmanship up to
legibility and speed.  Eventually society might go 100% electronic;
for now, being able to write notes on paper is very helpful, and
is still such a great technology aside from renewable concerns, but
they can be greatly improved.  (I even suspect rigorous and successful
penmanship training might pay off in "general intelligence" gains)
</academic aside>

> I've searched the net to find ready made software that will meet my
> needs but it is either written to a level much higher than these
> students can cope with or priced beyond our school budget. I came
> across a blog of someone singing the praises of Python. My question is
> therefore aimed at those that know what they are talking about (ie
> users in this group). Is Python the language I need to learn to
> develop these programs?

I agree with Dave A that writing a useful program is often far harder
than a beginner might imagine.  That said, much would depend on what
you would need the program to do.  Python, in my limited experience
as a hobbyist, strikes me as fairly easy to get started with in
programming, and yet can do a great deal, too.  So, as I said, more
details about the intended program would help people guide your


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