Python/Fortran interoperability

Paul van Delst paul.vandelst at
Mon Aug 24 15:46:49 CEST 2009

sturlamolden wrote:
> On 24 Aug, 02:57, nos... at see.signature (Richard Maine) wrote:
> Does anyone use OOP in Fortran anyway?

I do - currently for learning (and eventually training) purposes so I don't distribute any
of the code. But, the fact that...

> Fortran 2003 compilers are not ubiquitous. a major sticking point towards a fully engaged f2003 programme (not program :o)

> Fortran compilers tend to support a
> subset for Fortran 2003, usually ISO C bindings but not OOP.

Yeah, I'm starting to find it a little bit tiresome that vendors now appear convinced that
implementing some of the more note-worthy features of f2008 is of greater importance that
wrapping up the f2003 implementations. But, it's their business for their customers so
c'est la vie I guess

If I ignore parameterised derived types then my f2003 platform/compiler of "choice", IBM
AIX xlf2003, works well for OOP stuff.



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