Putting together a larger matrix from smaller matrices

Matjaz Bezovnik mbezovnik at freenet.si
Tue Aug 25 04:30:52 CEST 2009

Dear all,

I'm but a layman so do not take offence at this maybe over simple

This is something which is done often in FEM methods, and the alike.

I have matrix A of 3x3 elements, and B, of the same number of
elements, 3x3. 

What would be the most obvious way to assemble a matrix which:
a11 a12 a13
a21 a22 a23
a31 a32 a33+b11 b12 b13
                      b21 b22 b23
                      b31 b32 b33

(the missing elements = zero)

(you see the pattern - if there was a third matrix C, it would
"connect" to b33 on the main diagonal)


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