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>>> That's because it doesn't use copy-on-write. Thereby losing most of its
>>> advantages. I don't know SUA, but I have vaguely heard about it.

>s> SUA is a version of UNIX hidden inside Windows Vista and Windows 7
>s> (except in Home and Home Premium), but very few seem to know of it.
>s> SUA (Subsystem for Unix based Applications) is formerly known as
>s> Interix, which is a certified version of UNIX based on OpenBSD. If you
>s> go to (a website run by Interop Systems
>s> Inc., a company owned by Microsoft), you will find a lot of common
>s> unix tools prebuilt for SUA, including Python 2.6.2.

>s> The NT-kernel supports copy-on-write fork with a special system call
>s> (ZwCreateProcess in ntdll.dll), which is what SUA's implementation of
>s> fork() uses.

I have heard about that also, but is there a Python implementation that
uses this? (Just curious, I am not using Windows.)
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