your favorite debugging tool?

Esmail ebonak at
Tue Aug 25 13:55:22 CEST 2009

Paul Rubin wrote:
> Esmail <ebonak at> writes:
>> What is your favorite tool to help you debug your
>> code? I've been getting along with 'print' statements
>> but that is getting old and somewhat cumbersome.
> Beyond print statements, I use pdb a lot.  Winpdb ( is
> even better, but is kind of cumbersome to get working.


2 quick questions.

Re pdb, if you have a 'pointer' (ie reference) to an object, is there
an easy way to dump out its contents, ie all of its members short of
writing a method that does that and then calling it?

Anyone know what is going on with the winpdb site? I haven't been able to
get to it in the last few days.


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